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Say So With Your Life

While in a doctor’s office recently, I overheard a conversation between two elderly gentlemen. Was I eavesdropping? Technically, yes. But in my heart I know it was God-inspired, God-approved and God-directed because my life could never have been touched in the way it was by any other means.

In that waiting room I witnessed one illustration of what being restored to the Father looks like on this earth. I witnessed how God uses peoples’ lives to reveal layers of His truth and was left with a holy inspiration to speak restoration through my life.

The Spoken Word

As I waited with my husband to be called back for a procedure, I noticed a gentleman already seated. Willie was his name, and as I pulled a book from my purse, I settled in for the wait. Before the book could scarcely draw me in, I noticed another gentleman take a seat two down from Willie. They quickly struck a conversation.

As Willie listened, I heard the other gentleman state concerns about his illness. With a confident ease, Willie spoke about the power of anointing oneself with oil and speaking the Word back to God to receive divine healing.

I was instantly captivated. My heart was drawn as the truth of God’s Word was being spoken.

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I became enthralled as Biblical truth oscillated between the two:

“I’m not saying it WILL be alright, it IS alright…”

“Greater things will be done…”

“We are made in His image, the image of Christ…”

“The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us…”

“The Kingdom of Heaven WILL be on this earth…Revelations 21…”

“My cup runneth over…”

“Without knowledge, the people perish…”

These are just snippets and phrases I managed to scribble on a stray sheet of paper, listening wide eyed and amazed. It made me wonder if the others waiting shared the same heightened sense of the Lord’s presence.

Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Even after my husband was called back for his test, I sat in awe as these two men testified openly to the Word of God in their lives. I felt the urge to share with them the impact their friendship and conversation inspired in me. Yet I hesitated.

After all I had heard, I assumed they were life-long friends. Wouldn’t you have thought so, too?

If so, we were both wrong because out of the blue, Willie reached out his hand to introduce himself. It was then that I learned the other gentleman’s name was Fred.

What? What just happened? How could it be that after such an intimate and affectionate sharing of scripture that they had never met until then?

They went on to share stories about where they grew up and the schools they attended, revealing they had some friends in common. They talked about the foolish things they had done as youths, and they both agreed that they didn’t know how good they had it until those times were gone.

Willie brought up a classmate that had passed away during his senior year, and it turned out that Fred knew him as well. One of the men mentioned how another childhood friend had recently died, and they both shared the sentiment, “Thank God we’re still here.”

Their conversation turned back to the Lord and how with Lucifer’s rebellion, God banished one third of the angels from heaven. It was clear that Willie and Fred lived their lives from an eternal perspective.

And with that, their time together had come to an end as we heard the nurse call Willie’s name. They shook hands and offered encouragement with a promise to pray for one another. I was disappointed in myself for not having gone to the men to thank them.

It’s Now or Never

As I debated whether I should approach Fred (who was still seated) to give my thanks, my husband returned to the waiting area and was ready to leave. As we crossed the threshold, I stopped and asked him to wait. I told him that those two gentlemen had changed my life and I could not let it go without being said.

As I returned, Fred was called by the technician to follow her back. I grabbed his arm as he went to stand saying, “You don’t know me, but I had to tell you that your conversation with the other gentleman has blessed me so…”

As he gained his footing, our eyes met and I said, “My name is Rebecca. Thank you for speaking God’s Word.” Fred smiled and asked if he could give me a hug.

So we did. Two strangers with seemingly nothing in common, yet joined by the One who brings all things together, embraced.

You see, they didn’t know anyone was listening. They couldn’t see that the Word of God was moving in ways far beyond their conversation.

Say So

During this brief doctor visit, God used spoken words of truth to disintegrate unspoken differences. It was their life stories and willingness to speak the Word of God aloud that brought disparate strangers together – two elderly African American men and one 40-something-year-old white woman – for an eternal impact.

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I am restored. Fred and Willie are restored. And you are too if Jesus is your Lord. But it’s not for the sake of being restored. It’s for the sake of others finding God, knowing Him more, and living out His purpose.

“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble…” (Psalm 107:2 ESV).

We are called, even commanded, to share our restoration story. Fred and Willie did on that day, and they impacted at least one person in the process. That’s how it goes. That’s how it should be.

Will you commit with me to speak your restoration story out loud for the world to hear?

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