The Truth about Uncertainty and How to Overcome It ?>

The Truth about Uncertainty and How to Overcome It

NewspaperIf I ask you to recall a pivotal moment in your life, I bet you could come up with a few. One second, your thoughts and expectations flowed in one direction, and suddenly your mental trajectory took a 90° swing, or even 180°. What causes that? What has the power to upend us in such a way?

The truth is, it’s all around us. We can’t get away from this perspective-shifting, emotion-riling element. You already know what it is – it’s news.

The newsfeed.

A spot appeared on my husband’s back a few years ago that didn’t look quite right. I would (dismissively) mention that he should get it checked out. And he would (indifferently) say he’d been meaning to call but just hadn’t gotten around to it. In this exchange, news was happening and we didn’t know it.

Of course when he finally went, the dermatologist quickly sent it off to be tested, fairly certain it was cancerous. While we worried about – I mean waited for – the results, I realized that at any given time in our lives there is information we don’t know.

It’s bliss when we don’t know that we don’t know. But knowing that we don’t have a particular piece of information – the news we are waiting to hear – lands us at the corner of faith and fear.

I expected the findings to be a form of carcinoma requiring a return visit for removal and, at most, a follow up visit six months later. But that’s not the news we got.

It was stage three metastatic melanoma. And our world shifted.

Overcome uncertainty in one easy step.

There’s something to be said about shock-level news. It heightens our sense of time and shines a big ‘ole spotlight on what’s essential. It’s Alice-in-Wonderland-esque how it shrinks your pre-news world while simultaneously growing your concept of this vapor we call life.

I remember breaking down one afternoon at the thought of what may come. My hope got so small and fear got so big that all I could do was set it down.

“After Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it, he went up to the Lord’s temple and spread it out before the Lord” (2 Kings 19:14 NLT).

God’s perspective on news.

Part of growing in our walk with the Lord is recognizing there’s not one smidge of a second when we aren’t in desperate need of Him. News is going to happen. Sometimes we know it, and sometimes we don’t. Whether we know or not is not what relieves us or shows us the next turn in the news maze.

Our saving grace is that while news is zipping and darting all around us, He is fully aware. He tells us what our next step is amid the flurry. And all we have to do is spread our “not knowing” out before Him.

During this time, I did worry. And I did fear. And I did cry. And sometimes I still do. But I know He is growing my trust in Him. And as I fill the gaps between worry and fear and crying with seeking Him, they become fewer and farther between.

Right now, I know that I don’t know what is to come. But I also know about the eternity that God has invited me to. And there’s no better news than that.

Are you going through a hard news time or waiting in a “not knowing” place? If so, spread it out before Him and wait expectantly for His blessing that beats any news on any given day!

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