Why We Remember Where We’ve Been ?>

Why We Remember Where We’ve Been

Father-Daughter Dance
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Four years ago the Lord pierced my perception with the truth of His reality. Until then, I thought I was a Christian on my way to heaven, and I professed to be one. But in retrospect, I didn’t know Him – the Christ, the Way. But God changed my course on a May day in 2012 and gave me reason to remember where I’d been.

“Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them” (Deuteronomy 4:9 NIV).


Why would I want to remember my heartsick self, the emotionally beat up and let down girl who saw herself as a tragic failure and lived life as a fraud to cover it up? Why would I recall the bitterness walls that repelled love and squirreled unforgiveness?

Because my eyes have seen God-mercy dismantle those walls, bruise by bruise, and experienced the gush of His love devastate my emotions until all that remained was historical hope.


This verse in Deuteronomy reminded me that I’m the lookout for heart-fade. I’m in charge of remembering where I’ve been so that His glory-story can be shared through generations.

His story in me is one of restoration – restored to my heavenly Father, my dad, husband, daughter, and even restored to myself. These are the things I’m accountable to remember.

And reviving at the first sign of fade.

And then celebrating in my heart unto the Lord.

I wrote this poem in 2014, just two years after God set me straight concerning my true identity. And today, my heart makes merry in memory of the memories of how the Father reached out to his girl, shone His face on her, and lifted her head in love.

Father-Daughter Dance

Masterfully formed and beautifully made,

By My own name you are called.

For the days of your life perfect plans have been laid,

A treasure divine, never to be sold.

Dear daughter, may I have this dance?


Belief, are you there?  I reach for you!

Truth, where are you?  I see you not!

Within this fortress only lies are true.

Interred I remain, for this is my lot.

My face I’ll not show dare you steal a glance.


Belief – in My Son; Truth – in My heart.

Within I AM, these things shall be found.

At My command – “Lies, Depart!”

This lot is not yours. “Arise!” My voice sounds!

I entreat, in Me rest your dependence.


Father, is that you? Dare myself I expose?

For a suitable gown, I have not.

Unworthy I am to take in you repose,

How I pray it is I you have sought.

From my condition I see no deliverance.


It is I!  Abba!  Of your soul I’m your lover.

Because of your faith, you need not a gown.

My mantle of righteousness shall be your cover,

My glory will be your crown.

Focus on Me, Princess, not circumstance.


I hardly can fathom these things which you speak,

My fear and despair, no longer they stand.

Unfolding my heart as our eyes they do meet,

I relinquish my life to your hands.

My fate left no longer to chance.


Your scars are your beauty; healed wounds are My light.

Your spirit flows ever so free!

As you bring Me glory, in you I delight,

Revealing in Me your identity.

I surround you in loving acceptance.


How moving and true your love is for me,

Freed from my prison! Plucked from the mire!

Forever your grace and mercy I decree,

Evermore I will serve you, eternal desire.

With you I shall twirl and spin and prance!


Dear daughter I ask, may I have this dance?

My Father, yes Father, we shall dance and dance!


Today, will you remember the things your eyes have seen?


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